Guided Shopping Experience

Insurance decisions may seem scary, but Bright Choices is designed to make the benefits selection process easy.

Only Bright Choices® includes the proprietary “Personal Benefits Shopper” system that:

Takes a portfolio approach to benefits.
Instead of going through each plan type decision one-by-one, Bright Choices considers how different benefits products can complement and support one another to provide the right level of financial protection for each individual.

Provides a recommendation after getting to know you.
Bright Choices goes beyond the standard filtering and sorting of plans based on your specified parameters. It actually learns about your situation, lifestyle and personality – things that are key to determining coverage needs – to recommend the plans that are right for each person.

Our suite of tools work together to provide a shopping experience that is effective for each individual.

At the heart of Bright Choices is a recommendation engine

that uses sophisticated statistical modeling to predict the right combination of plans resulting in the best personal fit for each individual.

Click on each section of the Recommendation Engine to learn more.

Employee Input

1. Expected utilization
2. Health status
3. Network preferences


1. Income
2. Savings


1. Risk tolerance
2. Health & financial concerns
3. Health care consumerism

Statistical Modeling

A sophisticated algorithm creates a
recommendation considering:
1. Types of plans that match people’s specific needs and wants.
2. A cost that balances premiums with expected out-of-pocket expenses.
3. A match to physician network preferences and overall desires and concerns.

Public data
Health care Costs & Utilization

The Result

A unique recommendation for you built by a system that truly understands who you are as an individual and offers the coverage you actually need.